One Tap Loyalty

The payment card becomes the loyalty card

Any technology. Any program.

Members feel connected like never before.

Seamless technology that identifies members when they pay. Integrates via API to any App or Web program. Members engage with the program every time they transact – instore or online.

For every loyalty moment

A man and woman in a store using a digital payment card.

Members are identified & rewarded

  • Every time a member transacts in store or online, they are recognised & rewarded – without the need to scan their loyalty card.
  • The payment card imitates the loyalty card functionality.
  • No matter where, or when a member transacts, the program is notified.

No member identification when transacting

  • No scan or identification by the member = no marketing consent & no customer data.
  • No loyalty attribution of the sale, the member is an anonymous customer.
  • A lost opportunity to engage & communicate with the member.

Remove friction, never miss a member.

  • The loyalty process is embedded in the transaction.
  • The member receives an instant notification & ‘surprise & delight’ moment.
  • Valuable program data is gleaned as all transactions are identified in real time.
“On average only 20% of consumers pull out their loyalty card or scan the digital card on their phone at POS.”
AFR, 2021

How it works

VIP’s pay.
They get rewarded.
No fuss.

OneTap Loyalty allows transactions to be identified in real-time, providing valuable program data. With the industry wide reduction of third-party data, effective loyalty programs are more important than ever.

  • OneTap Loyalty technology works with any new or existing, member or loyalty program.

  • Suitable for any program construct – for example; points, benefits, rewards, subscription.

  • The payment card replicates the loyalty card functionality & activates the event determined by the program construct.

  • Once a loyalty member gives consent to include their payment card, every time they transact they trigger the same loyalty alert as the loyalty card when it is scanned.

  • OneTap Loyalty is an API based system that integrates with current app or web technology.

  • OneTap Loyalty is a complementary solution to any loyalty technology platform or CRM.

Need more info?

Rewarding members is always in the control of the loyalty program operator & will align with the program strategy. The function of OneTap Loyalty technology is to alert the loyalty program to a member transaction within the ecosystem. As active member scan rates increase, so does the engagement with the member, the opportunity to communicate & first party data insights.

Loyalty goes both ways! Showing members that they are valued, & rewarding them even if they are having a forgetful day, can increase member engagement from an ‘occasional user’ to the next loyal program advocate. The member receives an instant alert to notify them that they have been recognised – the best way to surprise & delight!

OneTap Loyalty can integrate with any loyalty technology system. It’s function is to replicate the loyalty card scan & when member makes a payment. Like an online transaction, cards are tokenised only. OneTap Loyalty is not a B2C card linking program showcasing merchant offers & cash backs.

The technology replicates the action already underway with a loyalty card scan. OneTap Loyalty will maintain the same reward structure that is in place, but with the added bonus of first party data insights & program activity information in real-time.

OneTap Loyalty does not access member data. It is an API driven connection to Visa, Mastercard & eftpos that alerts the loyalty program to a member activity in store or online. The member data is held against the member profile in the loyalty program technology system.

OneTap Loyalty does not replace existing technology. The API driven solution works with any app, website or technology system. Don’t have one? We have a white label solution available. Don’t want one? We can integrate directly to your online ecosystem.