profit for purpose

Profit-for-purpose businesses utilise their resources to support & advocate for a particular cause & run their operations in line with the ethos of that cause.

We support Eat Up

We are passionate about ensuring the next generation of Australians have the opportunity to access education & realise their potential. This won’t happen when young children don’t have enough to eat.

Every program or campaign with Elevate Loyalty raises funds towards Eat Up who provide lunches for children who would otherwise go without.

Who is Eat Up?

Eat Up is Australia’s only organisation providing free lunches to students on a national scale.

Many children come from homes experiencing financial hardship, substance abuse, violence, homelessness or are refugees.

In 2020, the demand for food relief services in Australia has increased by 47% due to the effects of the COVID pandemic.

How they help

Eat Up currently assists over 700 schools across Australia.

Each week Eat Up make & deliver over 15,000 lunches. Individual volunteers & corporate groups make the fresh sandwiches that Eat Up delivers to schools.

Schools report results:

Eat Up lunches improved students’:

Wellbeing by 123%, Nutrition by 109%, Energy by 100%, Concentration by 95%, Classroom participation by 71%, Academic performance by 68%, Attendance by 61%.

Key Stats

1.3 million (25.4%) children lived in severely food insecure households in the past 12 months." "Sometimes skipping meals or going whole days without eating.

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare 2022

Households with children are being hit harder than others with 32% severely food insecure. Over half of food insecure households (55%) had someone in paid work.

Foodbank Hunger Report 2022

Two-thirds (67%) of teachers report having students come to school hungry or without having eaten breakfast, & estimate that these students lose more than two hours a day in learning.

Australian Government Department of Education & Training 2019